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SenseOfOccasion.net - Role: Website Developer / Host

StolianHeights.com - Role: Website Developer / Host

EnergyCounselling.co.uk - Role: Website Developer / Host

YourPhotoRestored.co.uk - Role: Website Developer / Host

WestLondonGMPresources.org.uk - Role: Administration / Website Developer / Host





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Role: Website Designer

Brief: To enhance the look and feel of this existing content managed website, maintaining the creativeness of the client, highlighting their professionalism and making it competitive inline with similar websites and providers in their particular market.

Action: Initially the template to the JOOMLA based site has been edited, tidying up the sites structure and layout and colour scheme. This is a current and ongoing project were the site is moving forward to be more dynamic and visible to potential customers.


Visit www.copymojo.co.uk

Clint's Jazz Band

[Rollover image to see the site after work by Jamie McGhee]

Role: Website Designer / Developer

Brief: A multi-staged project, taking on the hosting of an existing site, enhancing it's design and search engine visibility and then making it more dynamic with a content manageable system.

Action: The transfer of the hosting was a very quick process, that brought the control of host and domain name all into one convenient place for the client. Initial style changes were made to the site, keeping the structure much the same but enhancing the look of the site considerably. Additional pages were added including video content to bring the site more up to date and inline with competitor sites. All of this and the inclusion of more search engine friendly content and background keywords enhanced the sites visibility on the major search engines. The site template and content was then brought into a JOOMLA database system were it is now ready for further updating and enhancing.

Results: The client was very happy with the quick management and ease of hosting transfer. Although the initial design changes were mostly superficial edits to the style sheets and the adding of video content, the client was stunned with the difference. Search engine enhancements increased the 1 or 2 visitors a day to the site to an average of 15, which pleased the client very much. As has the enhanced ability of the CMS, which has now allowed the client to more readily adapt the text and content on his site.

Visit www.clintsjazzband.co.uk

The Albert Kennedy Trust

Role: Website Administrator

Brief: To take over the maintenance and updating of this very active website for a busy charity aimed at LGBT young people, their carers and the charity's sponsors.

Action: The website is maintained and edited as requested by the client, with the adding of articles, sections and menu items. All are carried out whilst adhering to the design constraints of the already established JOOMLA based system. As well as managing the site, the CMS is being enhanced to make it more efficient and easier to use for any of the client's staff.

Results: Much praise has been received from the client and indeed their sponsoring companies regarding the fast and effective service provided when requests have been made and the standard of work provided.


Visit www.akt.org.uk

Katherine Elizabeth Hats website iamge

Katherine Elizabeth Hats

Role: Website Designer / Developer

Brief: Expansion of existing site from one page to a multi-section, stylish and informative portal to showcase the designs and services of this talented milliner.

Action: The preliminary stage of the project involved working closely with this creative client,and using the existing branding as a starting point, the style of the site was cleaned up using HTML and Style Sheets. Several new design elements were added along with dynamic content and additional sections. Search Engine Optimisation was also enhanced. The second stage, just in its testing period, was the build of a JOOMLA based content management system for the client to be able to add, delete, edit and easily evolve the site in the future.

Results: The client has been delighted with the new look site, with an overwhelming amount of customers using the site and making contact through the contact form.


My Kitchen Garden Website Image

My Kitchen Garden

Role: Website Designer / Developer

Brief: Re-design of existing 3 page site to produce a creative, unique, informative and multi-function web-site to sell the My Kitchen Garden services and products.

Action: First of all a design was created that the client was happy with and then made live, with expanded client content, to enhance and give an immediate refresh to the existing website. The new design template was then used as as basis for a more in-depth, dynamic and content managed / driven web portal. This was created in JOOMLA to provide easily updated areas and the inclusion of an online shop.

Results: The client was highly pleased with the design and build of the initial site and the CMS version. All of their requirements were met and some exceeded expectations, especially the creative design and related elements. Unfortunately the client has stalled the project and is currently rethinking their business strategy. As such the CMS version of the site is on hold.

Visit the static site www.my-kitchen-garden.co.uk

Visit the CMS version on a testing server www.my-kitchen-garden.co.uk/testing/

Consistency of Supply CD ROM Image Capture

Medical CD-ROM

Role: Multi-Media CD-ROM Designer

Brief: Not strictly a live website, but instead a website which is activede on a CD-ROM.
To act as a clinical presentation tool for Doctors and medical staff, presenting slides, videos and resource materials on the subject of 'Consistency in Epilepsy Prescribing'.

Action: The website layout and design was created in HTML, meeting the strict brand guidelines of the sponsoring company. A a simple navigation structure ensured that the pages and contents of the CD-ROM were easy to follow and get to by by all users whilst still being informative and useful.

Results: Both the client and their sponsoring company were delighted with the resulting CD-ROM,
its interactivity and the way the content was professionally presented. Positive feedback on the product and the presentations given using the resource, from target clinicians and medical staff, was also achieved.

Notes: As a CD-ROM product regarding a medical condition, there is no live online version of this site. Though if you require further information or a working copy please contact Jamie McGhee


Talking BPH Website Image

Talking BPH

Role: Project Manager

Brief: To source, and liaise with, a web design agency in the creation of a small but highly informative site, acting as a patient resource for a prostate related medical condition. Also, to ensure all project aspects were met, to the strict client guidelines, on time and in budget.

Action: Effectively project managed the flow of communication, internet content and resources between the client, their designers and the web designers. Advised client on website structure, aesthetics and visibility, as well being a major contributor to the written content of the site, having written and edited the accompanying information booklet on the subject.

Results: With much client praise, the site was built on time, in budget and met all the strict guidelines of the client's standards department. The site also received much coverage, being independently linked to from many GP and patient reference sites.

Notes: The site is no longer active, but an archive version can be found via the link below.

Visit archive of www.talkingbph.info

Talking BPH Website Image

Sante Communications

Role: Project Manager / Site Administrator

Brief: To source and manage a web developer to create a content managed site for a busy Healthcare Public Relations company. Onsite completion, to be responsible for the administration of the site and its content management system (CMS).

Action: Worked closely with the web developers, to ensure that all requirements and client expectations were met. With the sites completion, the role was switched to that of administrator, managing the CMS and ensuring the consistency in uploaded articles, and additional content.

Results: The client was extremely happy with the dynamic site, the easily update-able CMS and the project management.

Notes: The company has merged with another public relations firm and as such their main website in this project has been superseded. However a slightly updated, though effectively archived, version can be seen on the the link below.

Visit archive of www.santecomunications.net

Cameron Smith Website Image

Cameron Smith

Role: Website Designer

Brief: To create simple but informative website, promoting the talents of London based singer song-writer Cameron Smith

Action: Using HTML and content provided by Cameron himself, a simple clean design website was built that used Cameron himself as the focus. Drop down menus ensured that information was straightforward to find and only one click away from any other page.

Results: Cameron Smith was delighted with the website, using it as a presentation tool of his work when contacting potential music producers. The site has been updated several times by Jamie McGhee, with the most recent update highlighting and selling Cameron's latest Album.
The site is being held on a temporary server currently awaiting a full domain transfer to be hosted on Jamie McGhee's servers.

Visit archive of www.cameronsmusic.co.uk

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